Rodin's vortex mathematics, an inspiration.
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Source is not a business venture, it's a social experiment that aims to free humanity of greed and create abundance for all by using blockchain technology to create a contribution-driven economy that rewards a variety of methods of contribution; allowing every unique skillset, regardless of physical state, to contribute to the ecosystem and earn Source tokens.


No "Source" coins (or tokens) are pre-minted in the same spirit as Bitcoin, rather, tokens are issued only as a reward for contribution. That includes zero tokens pre-issued to the founders of Source. They will need to "earn" tokens with the same opportunity available to all, including contribution of code, computational resources, community-accepted value propositions, and other ways described below.

Our founder(s), Satamoto Nakoshi's (pseudonymous group) vision is a world of abundance that's free of greed. Inspired by the selfless contribution of Nakamoto's Bitcoin Whitepaper that paved the way for trustless peer-to-peer environments using encryption and mathematics, and inspired by the beauty found in nature's patterns and in mathematics as showcased by Marko Rodin's vortex math. 

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Contribute your unique registration and earn your first tokens

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Contribute source code and valuable content to earn tokens 

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Contribute computational resources by running a node to earn tokens

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Contribute your opinion on governance, content curation and dispute resolution to earn tokens 

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Contribute any work through worker proposals such as referral programs to earn tokens

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Satamoto Nakoshi

Abstract. A decentralized peer-to-peer contribution-driven ecosystem maintained on a distributed ledger using a custom configuration of the EOSIO open source blockchain software. No tokens are pre-minted and all tokens must be earned by contribution. A worker proposal system guarantees work opportunity for every peer through various methods of contribution as established by existing and newly peer-reviewed and accepted worker proposals; allowing widespread economic prosperity to a society managed by a distributed trustless system of accountability and provable fairness.  The network is maintained, governed and adjudicated by pseudonymous accounts tied to each unique peer identity, allowing for economic and political interaction free of manipulation and inefficiencies caused by the naturally occurring characteristic of greed in human nature.

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